Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Way Back Wednesday - Glinda of Oz

Glinda of Oz is the fourteenth Land of Oz book written by children's author L. Frank Baum, published on July 10, 1920. This was Baum's last Oz book, and was published posthumously. Most critics agree this is Baum's darkest Oz book, most likely due to his failing health. The book was dedicated to Baum's second son Robert Stanton Baum.

While visiting Glinda at her castle, Dorothy and Ozma discover a reference in Glinda's Great Book of Records about an upcoming war. The war will begin between the Skeezers and the Flatheads, but Glinda is unable to discover anything else about them. Dorothy and Ozma are determined to stop the war from beginning.

In addition to he Skeezers and the Flatheads, we are introduced to several new characters: Su-Dic (Supreme Dictator of the Flatheads), Coo-ee-oh (Queen of the Skeezers), Rora the witch, Prime Minister Ervic, and Lady Aurex.

Interesting trivia for this book: The full title of the first edition is Glinda of Oz; In Which Are Related the Exciting Experiences of Princess Ozma of Oz, and Dorothy, in Their Hazardous Journey to the Home of the Flatheads, and to the Magic Isle of the Skeezers, and How They Were Rescued from Dire Peril by the sorcery of Glinda the Good.


This completes the reviews of the 14 original Land of Oz books by L. Frank Baum. There are currently dozens of books about the Land of Oz, but there are only 26 books after Baum's death which are considered "official" books about the Land of Oz created by Baum. Most noteably are the next 19 books, written by Ruth Plumly Thompson from 1921 until 1939, which I enjoyed almost as much as Baum's tales. The next writer to pick up the series was John R. Neill, who wrote the next 3 books. Neill is very important in Oz culture because - with the exception of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - he was the illustrator for the first 36 books in the series.

Although I have read all of the "Royal 40" books of Oz (14 by Baumn and 26 by 3 other authors) over the years, I am going to complete this Way Back Wednesday.

Next week, I have plans to pick up the Trixie Belden series where I left off, but I may change my mind before then. Maybe you will be surprised.

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