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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Classic Challenge

The Classic Challenge

Classics: We love them, we hate them, now we are going to challenge ourselves to reading more of them. Because there are so many different types of classics, different genres are acceptable and encouraged--for example, novels, short story collections, non-fiction, poetry, essays--I'm open for other suggestions!
OPTION 3: Read FIVE classics with any combination of at least TWO different countries and TWO different genres (see above for genres).

BONUS!! (optional)

As you can see, I'm requiring FIVE classics for six months. For the sixth book, I would like the participants to offer suggestions for books that may not be considered classics but that you think should be or books that you think will be a classic one day. Leave your suggestions in the comments below. I'll compile a list of the suggestions and you choose a book from the list and make that your sixth read. I realize this means you may have to wait to make your list if you choose to participate in the bonus round, but I'm hoping this is a modern twist on the old classics challenge.
The books I have read (or plan to read) for the Classic Challenge include:

--Robin Hood - 1883 by Howard Pyle (American) (Legend, Fantasy)
--Frankenstein - 1818 by Mary Shelley (British) (Horror)
--Alice in Wonderland - 1865 by Lewis Carroll (English) (Fantasy)
--The Christmas Carol - 1843 by Charles Dickens (English) (Fantasy)
--Dracula - 1897 by Bram Stoker (Irish) (Horror)

--Twilight - 2005 by Stephenie Meyer (American)