Friday, August 1, 2008

A Break in Blogging for Breaking Dawn

This is the weekend I've been looking forward to for months. Breaking Dawn will be released at the witching hour tonight and I hope I'm curled up reading by 01:00 a.m. This means I'm taking a tiny break from blogging this weekend so I can read - uninterrupted!

Right now, I'm off to take a nap so I'll be rested and refreshed before this marathon reading session begins. With the exception of my Robin Hood post on Rightmyer Rants, I probably won't be blogging again until Monday. Hope to see you all then!


Vickie said...

At least give a blog post on the fun of the party for this! Good planning on taking a nap and be prepped. Have fun!

Rhinoa said...

I hope you enjoy iy. I have mine pre-ordered but it comes out a little later here in the UK grr.

bekkah said...

Sounds like THE perfect weekend! Enjoy :)