Monday, May 25, 2009

A Friend Like Henry

A Friend Like Henry: The Remarkable True Story of an Autistic Boy and the Dog That Unlocked His World by Nuala Gardner (262 pages)

Although I don’t know much about autism, this book touched my heart. This is a true story of Dale Gardner and his parents and the struggle to raise two autistic children. The Gardner’s work hard to give their children as normal of a life as possible.

With the help of a golden retriever puppy named Henry, they were able to get Dale back from the depths of autism. Although this book is not meant to be a “cure all” for autism, it is an accurate and blunt account of the struggles and joys of raising autistic children.

This is truly a rewarding book meant to bring encouragement to other families.


Literary Feline said...

This does sound like a good one. I have a friend whose son has autism and she is always looking for new books to read on the subject, whether fiction or nonfiction. I will have to recommend this one to her and check it out myself. Thanks for the great review, Bobbi.

chib said...

How do you manage to run all these blogs of yours and make them soundable!


From Kigali, Rwanda

Bobbi said...

I'm a chronic insomniac!