Thursday, June 26, 2008

Keep Yer Cool Challenge

Keep Yer Cool Challenge

I just signed up for this challenge! This is for anyone who is interested in saving the environment and reducing global warming. To be a part of the "Keep Yer Cool Challenge", visit Crunchy Chicken by clicking on the challenge icon. Tell your family, friends and neighbors!


Anonymous said...

no way can I turn off the ac. we do have a programmable thermostat though. I set it for 85 when we are not home, and it starts to cool down about an hour before we are supposed to come home....I sweat nonstop even when it is cold out. Good for you though!!

Mrs. F said...

This year I have promised myself that I am only turning on the AC on days that the temperature gets over 95 outside...I have only had it on seven or eight times, which is better than some people who have it on every day...right?