Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Weekly Round-Up

So far, for the month of August, I've read the following books:

--Feather Crowns by Bobbie Ann Mason; 3 Challenges: 888 (KY Author), Historical Fiction and Southern Author.
--Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer; 4 Challenges: 888 (YA book), TBR, Stephenie Meyer Mini and Recently Published.
--7th Heaven by James Patterson; 4 Challenges: 888 (Title with number), TBR, and Recently Published.
--The Neverending Story by Michael Ende; 2 Challenges: 888 (fantasy book) and Classic.
--Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden; Japanese Literature.
--The Outsider by Ann Gabhart; 2 Challenges: Southern Author and Recently Published.
--Robin Hood by Howard Pyle; Classic Challenge.
--Evernight by Claudia Gray; 888 (fantasy book).
--Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee Carey; 888 (fantasy book).

Also for August, I have had my review of The Outsider published in 2 local papers: The Harrodsburg Herald and The Anderson News. I have been mentioned in someone else's article about Breaking Dawn. I also have several entries in the August Bookworm Carnival, as well as posted book reviews for: Bite and Buffy: Season 8, Vol. 2.


Anonymous said...

You read ROBIN HOOD? You rock as a real reader. That book has been on my shelf, a gift from our Gran 30 years ago. I think I'd better read it.

Shelley said...

Bobbi - I can't wait until you become even more famous - I'll be able to say "that's my blogger friend!"
P.S. How do you find the time to manage all your blogs and read all these books?! You must be a speed reader.

Stephanie said...

I'm impressed!! And I just commented on your Evernight post. I reviewed this one this week too!

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

You are just blazing! Go girl Go! ;) Stacy