Monday, February 21, 2011

The Slow Talk of Stones

Sheri L. Wright

Publisher: Finishing Line Press; 1st edition (2010)
ISBN-10: 1599246880
ISBN-13: 978-1599246888

Sheri L. Wright will make you feel a communion with Mother Nature; only to hear nature’s painful cries as the earth is slowly destroyed.
Her words are deep and dripping with visualization as she recalls mountain top removal in “Hollow Folk” and the westward movement towards their homes, “… things that will ooze themselves onto your comfort.”
The titled poem will bring tears to your eyes as Wright compares the bones of the Earth to the skin we stand on. The Slow Talk of Stones tells the truth of earth’s destruction and makes us pray for an alternative solution.
I think my favorite poem is “Mama” – the struggle and sorrow a woman goes through to hold a family together, but not conforming to typical ways. Honoring God in her own way with nature and faith, but no church and socializing. The way she feels after receiving a bushel of beans on her front porch, not as charity, but as a kindness, “I don’t hide those give-aways from the girls. I want them to know kindness.”
Wright is the author of one full length book of poetry, Nuns Shooting Guns, and three poetry chapbooks. She currently the host of “From the Inkwell,” a one hour radio show dedicated to all thins literary on CHRadio 1650, live-streaming at

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