Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jude the Dude

Jude the Dude written and illustrated by Debra G. Watts •Published: 3/27/2012 •Format: Perfect Bound Softcover •Pages: 36 •Size: 8.5x8.5 •ISBN: 978-1-46916-958-3 How do you deal with bullies? Just leave it to Jude the Dude. Jude works in the Jukebox Soda Pop Shop with his family June, Julian, Julie and little brother Junior. He and his buddies get into some hot water with a gang of bullies and Jude needs to step in before things get too out of hand. See what happens when Jude the Dude takes control. In a society where bullying is reaching epidemic proportions, Debra Watts has given the younger generation an alternative to bullying. Her illustrations are bold and colorful with a whimsical undertone. Jude the Dude is an inspiration for children who are currently being bullied. Jude the Dude stands his ground and Judas Junk slowly calms down. Written in a 1950s lingo, this book will resonate with grandparents reading to their grandchildren. Sling words from the 1950s are listed at the back of the book. There is also a message to a bullied young person at the end of the book: 1.Refuse to be a victim!! 2.Believing the bully only empowers the bully, 3.Arguing with a bully is exactly what he or she wants, 4.The responsible and mature thing to do is tell an adult if you are being bullied. Debra G. Watts is a retired educator who lives just outside of Harrodsburg, Kentucky. She has authored a teaching guide entitled "Listening Guides to America's Greatest Musicals" through J. Weston Walch Publishers and has just recently published "CARter CAR and his Wild and CARazy Birthday" through Xlibris. She is currently a University Coordinator mentoring practicum and student teachers for the university of the Cumberlands.

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