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The Wolves Keeper Legend

The Wolves Keeper Legend by Sylvia Weber

Paperback: 238 pages
Publisher: Vanguard Press (March 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1843864991
ISBN-13: 978-1843864998
From the back cover: “…. From the beginning of time, it seemed that rivalry between man and wolf was at the root of man’s dislike for the animal, discovered only too well by Sealgair. Was his fate forever to be condemned to isolation, to see terror and hate in the eyes of the once he once loved? All he could see in his mind was the last pictures of Awena’s beloved face, which he carried in his heart for all his life.

Was the only way out to discover the special secret held by the papyrus-pearls in the stone pot – what secrets could this hold? And which stone pot could keep that precious secret when there were so many of them?

Seanns’ quest to find the pearls and uncover the secret ended with tragic consequences, resulting in him not only discovering the truth of his birth and who his real mother and father were, but the realisation that his father lived among the wolves…”
The Wolves Keeper Legend is a young adult fantasy novel, so naturally it comes with its own vocabulary of places and characters. There is a vocabulary list in the front of the book with definitions of some words, as well as a character list.

Sealgair and Awena are two lovers cursed by a jealous sorcerer, Fiosaiche. Fiosaiche longs to win Awena's love, but even with Awena's vanished memories, she will never love the sorcerer.

Seanns is a young boy who has an unexplainable love of wolves and develops a deep "motherly" affection for Awena. Because of his affections for Awena, Seanns goes on a quest to locate a papyrus-pearl in a stone pot - supposedly this pearl will help lift the curse from Sealgair and Awena. Seanns sets out on his quest with Maise and Cibeir - after all, what quest would be complete with travelling companions?

I had some trouble getting started with this story, but after the first few chapters, the unusual vocabulary became easier to read and the story flowed better. I thought the characters were developed well and descriptive. I also had trouble determining the main theme of the book. I have a feeling this book was setting up the opportunity for future sequels. In that case, I will be interested to see where the story goes.

I would recommend this book for middle-grade children to young adults, especially to boys. Seanns is a typically mischievous boy who means no harm with his jokes and his antics read true as compared to young boys I know. This is a book that opens up a new world of truth, promises, hopes and dreams, and especially, love.

About Sylvia Weber:
Silvia Weber was born in Abrantes, Portugal, on 20th June 1968. She started writing at the age of twelve, sending articles to newspapers and participating in school contests. Graduating in Modern Languages and Literature, her whole career was dedicated to teaching and developing the youngsters greatest potential. A wide diversity of interests took her to a life of researching and studying a variety of subjects such as Languages, Phytotherapy and painting. A strong belief in dreams took her to England at the age of thirty-nine, searching for a place to call home.

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