Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Great Contest

Literate Housewife is having a great contest to win Philippa Gregory's new book, The Other Queen. Any visitors to this site know I love the work of Philippa Gregory! Check out was Literate Housewife is doing:

On the 27th, my husband is taking me to DC to meet her in person (!!!!!) at the National Book Festival. With Book Blogger Appreciation Week to top it all off, this is so my month! So, to bring two of my passions together, I’m going to host a Philippa Gregory Scavenger Hunt beginning Sunday, September 15. Here are the details:

Between now and midnight EST on Sunday, I will be adding a graphic of my favorite historical fiction author in 10 places on my blog. The first person to email me and correctly identify each place I’ve added her photo will win. If no one correctly identifies all of the posts by 5pm EST on Tuesday, September 16, the winner will be the person who has sent me an email with the most correct locations. If there is a tie, I’ll use Randomizer to select the winner. So, even if you can’t find all of her pictures, submit your entry!

So, what might you get for prowling around my blog looking for Philippa? How about a copy of The Other Queen? I won’t be able to send you the book until the 29th, though. I hope you don’t mind. You see, unless disaster strikes and I can’t make it to DC, I will be bringing this copy of the book with me to have it signed to you by Philippa! What do you think? You’re coming back on Sunday, aren’t you?

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