Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle is the first book by David Wroblewski.

Edgar Sawtelle was born mute and only speaks using sign language. His perfect life on the family farm in Wiconsin is disrupted by the sudden death of his father. The unexpected return of Edgar's uncle - his father's brother, Claude - turns the Sawtelle home into chaos.

Trying to find proof that Claude was responsible for the death of his father, a grieving Edgar's plans go all wrong. Edgar leaves the family farm with his pet dog, Almondine, and two more of the dogs his family raises and trains. The small group moves to the outskirts of the farm into the northern woods and fights for their very survival.

David Wroblewski is a first time novelist and he has told a heartwarming story of survival and revenge. His prose and descriptions are dead-on and I didn't want to put this book down. It is a true masterpiece and I'm eagerly awaiting the next novel he produces.


DesLily said...

nice review.. this book sounds good.. I will check it out on amazon!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your review. I wasn't sure whether to check out this book, but after reading your review, I've added it to my list. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You are one step ahead of the crowd on this one - excellent!!!!! Oprah only just chose it yesterday, didn't she? (Not that I watch the show but it was splashed all over something I read yesterday)
Anyway, thanks, yes, I'm looking forward to it following your review!

Lynda said...

This sounds a great book - thanks for the review ;0)