Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Dragon in the Sock Drawer (Dragon Keepers series #1)

The Dragon in the Sock Drawer is the first book in a new series - Dragon Keepers #1 - by Kate Klimo. (A Young Reader Book)

This is a wonderful new book for young readers. It's like Harry Potter meets the computer age.

Jesse's parents have left hime in the care of his aunt and uncle while they are away on a mission trip. When his aunt has to leave on a business trip to Paris, Uncle Joe is left to watch over his dauther - Daisy - and Jesse. While looking for rocks, Jesse and Daisy find what they call a "thunder egg" (a geode) that actually talks to them. When a dragon hatches from the egg, the pair have no idea how to care for a dragon, so they do what any modern child would do, they Goggle dragon care. They keep finding references to an out of print book called The Dragon Keeper's Guide. When they Goggle the author's name, their computer becomes interactive and guides them in the care of dragons.

Emerald, or Emmy for short, is a wonderful new character in the world of children's fiction. A cute little dragon that can talk and think, she turns Jesse and Daisy's world upsidedown.

This book is adorable and young children will love its unique and modern twists. This is a great addition to the dragon genre for younger readers and promises to be a wonderful new series.


Confuzzled Shannon said...

Nice Review. I have been wondering about this book it looks cute.

theflyingmum said...

My son got this for his birthday - we're reading it again - for the THIRD time! Very smart/cute, and I look forward to the next installments to this series.

Unknown said...

I work in an elementary library and this was a new book for our students. I read it to give a review to the students and I loved it. It is a great book and it will keep kids guessing.