Monday, September 21, 2009

The Lost Weekend

Yesterday was one of those rainy kinda Sundays where all you want to do is by lazy. I spent my entire Sunday curled up with a book.

My hubby surprised me Saturday afternoon with Dan Brown's new book, THE LOST SYMBOL. From the first chapter, I was hooked - I've even had trouble taking potty breaks. I've read lots of great books this year, but it has been a while since one demanded my constant attention.

Even though I'm not finished with the 500+ page tome - I'm still fighting the creepy crud, so my brain is working in slow motion - I couldn't resist checking out Amazon to see what kinds of reviews the book is getting. Man, was I surprised!

Of course, there were plenty of raving reviews for the book, and although I probably won't give it 5 stars, it is definitely a 4+. Some people just like the book because it was written by Dan Brown. Some people, like me, just enjoy the thrilling, escapist ride the story takes. Then there are the people who dislike Brown and all his work - it is these people who have loved picking the book to pieces.

I guess my point in this post is to say, don't let reviewers persuade you into a negative opinion before you've had a chance to read the book. This is no work of great literature, but it is an entertaining mystery that will provide hours of fun and I really can't ask more from a popular book of fiction.

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MJ said...

I got it the day it came out (i preordered) and that night after getting homework & housework done, I sat down, but only managed to read a few pages before collapsing... I am hoping to get caught up on everything so that I can get back to it... I love Dan Brown and have been dieing for this book!