Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Fifth Dimension


The Fifth Dimension, by Rory Macaraeg, starts out like your typical science fiction story with a space traveler - David - travelling to another planet to do observations. He notes the people appear to be living in the middle ages and he witnesses them tying up a girl and leaving her to be sacrificed to a giant dragon (reminsent of King Kong). David decides to take action and rescues the girl, badly wounding the dragon with his weapon - think of a phaser from Star Trek. This sets in motion a challenge to the status quo between dragon and human and creates a war between the two. As the war progresses, David learns the dragons are intelligent and are driven to what they do by a group of dragon elders. David, himself is being guided by elders from Earth. The rest of the book morphs into a story of David battling in his asteral form, while fulfilling an ancient prophesy told in a book.

This book had a lot of holes, especially the mystery of both dragons and humans speaking David's language and him accepting this without question. Mr. Macaraeg has a very good method of storytelling that holds the reader's interest throughout the book, but the book is obviously written by a novice. I could not find much information on Rory Macaraeg, so I'm not sure if this was is first book. All in all, this was a fairly good science fiction story.

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Andi said...

Bobbi, thanks for this review. . . it's very good. . . I'm posting it to my blog today.