Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Anita Blake Comes to Television

Yessssssss - I'm squealing like a little girl and I just can't help it. My favorite fictional author, Laurell K. Hamilton, is going to have her famous Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter book series adapted on the small screen!!! Happy Dance, Happy Dance!!!

IFC announced:
" has greenlit its first original event telefilm, “Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter,” based on Hamilton’s series of best-selling paranormal fantasy novels and produced by Lionsgate and After Dark Films. Adapted by Glen Morgan (X-Files, Final Destination), who also serves as executive producer, the movie begins production this summer... Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter marks the first time in IFC tv’s history that we have created a fictional feature film for the network."


Literary Feline said...

How exciting! I hadn't heard this bit of news yet. Thanks for the information!

Anonymous said...

Summer 2010! I can't wait! I wonder when they will release the cast list? I hope they dont cut out too much of the fun in the books.... JC is the hotest!