Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drake's Comprehensive Compendium of Dragonology

**Please note - this book will not be released until October 27, 2009**

Drake's Comprehensive Compendium of Dragonology by Dr. Ernest Drake

Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover: 192 pages
Publisher: Candlewick
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0763646237
ISBN-13: 978-0763646233
Call it an encyclopedia of dragonology — an authorized resource so definitive that dragon lovers everywhere are fired up with excitement. From the esteemed Dr. Drake comes a beautifully illustrated, lovingly assembled tribute to all things dragonological, featuring:
— A guide to dragon species, with entries on everything from the well-known European dragon to the lesser-known hydra — as well as pseudo-species such as the phoenix and the incognito
— Insight into dragon biology, from flight to reproduction (with tips on how to tell the males from the females)
— An in-depth look at dragons’ habits, including migration, communication, camouflage, and notorious hoarding practices
— A section on humans and dragons, offering secrets of tracking and taming, deciphering riddles, and becoming a dragon master
— Practical essentials such as how to keep records, use spells, keep specimens, and care for sick dragons
— A comprehensive glossary, index, and much more!

From an asthestic point of view, this book is beautiful! An oversized hardcover edition, this book is full of gorgeous illustrations and helpful "tips" and information for recognizing the dragons of the world. This Compendium would make the perfect gift for any dragon-lover in your family.

Divided into five sections, the book provides information on dragon species, dragon biology, dragon habits and habitats, dragons and humans, and dragonology. One of the very first sketches in this 182 page book is a drawing of "The Vitruvian Dragon" which reminds you of Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man."

There are European Dragons, Frost Dragons, Dwarf Dragons, and Marsupial Dragons, just to name a few. Dragons have excellent night vision and this, along with their keen sense of smell, make them the perfect predator.

I found this to be a fun "niche" book that will appeal to children and adults alike, especially for those who have a love of fantastical creatures. Dragons hold a special place in mythical lore and this book will make a wonderful addition to such research libraries.

*Publisher's Note: In recent years the publisher has been fortunate enough to become custodian of the life's work of a certain Dr. Ernest Drake, Victorian dragonologist extraordinaire, and has republished many volumes for today's readers to great acclaim. This compendium appears to have been first published for a limited audience in 1912, and contains a summation of Drake's many years of research into the lives of dragons. Whilst every effort has been made to reproduce the book in its original form, it must be noted, albeit with considerable regret, that the publisher has been unable to find any dragons still in existence and therefore cannot verify the many interesting facts about them contain herein.

Here is a YouTube video about Drake's Comprehensive Compendium of Dragonology:

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