Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Way Back Wednesday - Incubus Dreams

Incubus Dreams is the twelfth in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton

As usual, in Incubus Dreams Anita must juggle several problems simultaneously. First, she is asked to raise a couple's murdered son to find out who killed him. Anita tries to explain this is not possible because murdered zombies only have one goal - kill their murderer. Second, Anita, Jean-Claude, Richard, and Damien are all experiencing unexpected increases in their magical power and they are trying to figure them out. Speaking of Jean-Claude, Anita is also having to deal with a problem of vampire politics regarding vampires not under a blood oath. And to top it all off, Anita is working with the police to solve a series of vampire murders.

All these problems are on top of her increasingly relationship with wereleopards Michah and Nathanel, her vampire servant Damien, her renewed relationship with Richard, and deciding what to do with two new vampire warriors Wicked and Truth. Our little necromancer has been a busy, busy girl!

Similar to most of the books in the Anita Blake series, Incubus Dreams is titled after a fictional location within the book. In this case, "Incubus Dreams" is the name of a strip club where some of the later events in the book occur.

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Oh said...

How is this for synchronicity? A friend wrote today and said that Laurel Hamilton would be at a local STL venue Saturday night, and I wouldn't want to miss it.
And I sat here thinking, the name's familiar but who is she?
And then I opened your blog -and there she is!
So, I'll see if I can go on Staurday night.

And really, I need to catch up on reading her books - haven't read one at all!